1. 2014-06-12 11:24:30

    TAGJam 11 judging!

    UPDATE (2014-06-16)

    since the previous winner has not claimed their “prize,” we are announcing a new winner! congratulations to AndreScreamin for winning with “kiss the devil”!

    co-host Jupiter Hadley and i have gone over the entries. it seems #tagjam11 has spawned a game genre: satan-glomping! or glomp’em up? :P ...

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  2. 2013-10-09 14:04:01
    404 makes bunnies cry

    responsible blog reboots

    it’s a new day. you wake up, and for whatever reason you want to start blogging again. time for a fresh start, you say to yourself! this time it’ll be different!

    but you visit your old blog and it’s looking old and dusty. the last post was ...

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