TAGJam 11 judging!

UPDATE (2014-06-16)

since the previous winner has not claimed their “prize,” we are announcing a new winner! congratulations to AndreScreamin for winning with “kiss the devil”!

co-host Jupiter Hadley and i have gone over the entries. it seems #tagjam11 has spawned a game genre: satan-glomping! or glomp’em up? :P

as usual, the unstoppable Jupiter has made a video featuring all of the game jam games:

and here are my own rough impressions, in order of submission:

satan wants to glomp you (by purplelilgirl)

satan wants to glomp you screenshot

devil tries to hug me! (by JNyknn)

devil tries to hug me screenshot

kittyglompdevil (by randomer679)

kitty glomp devil screenshot

square devil (by TisVictoria)

square devil screenshot

romping glomp (by dviol134088)

romping glomp screenshot

kiss the devil (by AndreScreamin)

kiss the devil screenshot

late/non-compo entries

glomp the devil (by bunnyhero)

glomp the devil screenshot

public service announcement from iran (by iran office of tourism/torture)

public service announcement from iran screenshot

and the winner is…

after some furious discussion and debate, Jupi and i have decided to award the winner’s crown to:

devil tries to hug me! (by JNyknn)

we decided on this for general fun factor, adorableness, polish, and use of themes.

congratulations JNyknn! you are now responsible for hosting the next TAGjam!

congratulations instead to AndreaScreamin, who was the very close runner-up in our debates! YOU are now the next host for TAGjam :)


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